Maryna Boissier-Nechyporenko

Origin: Ukrainian
Residence: Latin America

Graduate of the Hamburg University with a passion for strategic marketing and project management.

Modeling is my breath of fresh air in the corporate world.
I enjoy working in a creative crew for the sake of achieving the results above expectations.

Having worked as a model in Germany, Luxembourg, Panama, Ukraine, and New York, I am used to various cultures, languages and am able to understand quickly the client’s needs.

I am fond of editorials and video commercials.

In December 2022, I have improved my modeling skills at the COCO ROCHA MODEL CAMP in New York.

My working portfolio includes:

  • Photo ad for the bags brand Lianna Paris.
  • Participating in commercial video ads.
  • Live TV presentations on TV Channels.
  • Participated in the Finnish TV Show AuPairit.

My “NO's” in modeling:

  • no nude/semi-nude
  • no sheer clothing
  • no religious artefacts on my body
  • no flags on my image
  • no medicine, no alcohol, no drugs, no abuse, no cigarets
  • no sexual undertone
  • no political or provocative symbols


  • On camera speaking
  • Ethnical photo sessions
  • Outdoor jungle photo sessions
  • Underwater photo session
  • Sport commercials
  • Editorials and commercials
  • Runway

Moving geographies is not a challenge but a positive part of my modelling job.